April 13, 2021

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Press Release 26/03/21

Bluestone Fitness utilises 3D body scanning to create a pioneering 360-degree health service 

Bluestone Fitness, the award-winning fitness facility based in Ashby, has turned to React Fitness and Styku, the world’s leading 3D body scanner, to help create a pioneering 360-degree health service for its members.

Winner of National Gym of the Year at the 2019 National Fitness Awards, Bluestone has been working on a system that enables it to offer a ‘holistic health service’ inside and outside the four walls of its facility, with the 3D health screening capabilities of Styku being central to its delivery. 

The service, called ‘MONDAYS’, has been in the pipeline since July 2019 and seeks to enhance every aspect of its member offering for today’s increasingly health-conscious consumers. 

Having assembled a team of experts - including doctoral researchers in nutrition, experts in psychological behavioural change, UKSCA coaches with a background in Team GB sport, and specialist physiotherapists with experience in Premier League football and Olympic sport - Styku will further enable Bluestone to provide its members with a truly elite, whole-person support package. 

Excited to see this vision come to fruition, Owner of Bluestone Fitness, Daniel Ball, said: “We started out with a very small class studio and have grown to become a large boutique facility. We have always strived to understand our member’s behaviour and create a space that meets their needs. 

“This is an extension of our ethos that is packaged up as a complete membership service. We haven’t rushed this idea and we’ve taken our time to assemble the right team and put systems in place that offer the right functionality. 

“Things have really come together throughout the lockdown period and we’re really excited to launch what we’ve been working on, with Styku providing the icing on the cake.”

Using Styku, Bluestone can precisely and consistently evaluate its members’ full-body shape and body composition, and importantly set goals. Progress can then be accurately measured and tracked by its trainers, coaches and physiotherapists, showing members how their shape, in conjunction with their health, is changing over time as a result of programmes and interventions – something that no at-home offer, smart scale or wearable tracker can do.

Styku will also enable the Bluestone team to analyse risks of obesity-related disease, which can be even more problematic, and fatal, in the event of contracting a deadly pathogen like Covid-19, by digitally measuring the abdominal waist. This means that whether a member’s goal is fat-loss or a better understanding of their calorie intake, Styku can provide detailed trends to visually demonstrate the changes and improvements to a person’s fitness and health over time, giving them added motivation with meaningful metrics. 

Speaking on the power of 3D body scanning and what it will add to Bluestone’s offering, Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, the official UK partner for Styku, said: “3D body scanning enables people to see, feel and, crucially, understand, the improvements resulting from exercise – vital for attracting the outcome-driven consumers focused on ‘whole person health’ that we see following lockdown, and a great way to keep them coming into the club regularly.” 

Daniel echoed this sentiment: “Styku’s in-depth reports will help guide our clients and keep them focused on what really matters. We want to stay away from falling into the trap of “I’m not losing weight but I’m working really hard”. We understand these issues first hand and if we can show our clients a 3D model of their body and lots of other innovative ways to analyse their results then that’s really exciting and informative - giving our service a significant boost and, hopefully, keeping our members returning for more.”

Despite the elite level of support, the MONDAYS service is aimed at anybody who wants to achieve positive results, from the casual gym-goer to top-level athletes: “We want to turn the dogma of the Monday Blues into something to get excited about - providing the ultimate 360-degree health service for all ages, abilities and experience levels,” added Daniel.  

“We aim to mould the mindset of our clients and educate them towards positive results, so that, with our full support, they can succeed - whether that’s to lose weight, tone up, increase energy, improve performance, or simply feel better. If you can look forward to a Monday morning, I personally think you’ve cracked it – so that’s our aim and that’s where the name ‘MONDAYS’ came from.”